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Inktober is just over the horizon. And as much as I fear I won’t have time, I’m going to try and get some done this year. I’m thinking about theming it around my favourite subject – Miah! In the spirit of reminding myself, I’m going to post the prompt list here. So I can always find it. HAH! 

Inktober Unsplash - Inktober 2018 prompt list

Unsplash & More Whippets

In other news, there’s a rather nifty plugin for WordPress now that allows you to hook up directly to Unsplash. I found this via the Elegant Themes blog. Unsplash is a high quality, carefully curated free stock image site. The Instant Images plugin allows you to add images directly from Unsplash into your WordPress media library, re-sizing them along the way. The images are mostly very high print quality resolution, so the re-sizing is very important unless you want your website to grind to a halt. 

All you need to do is install the plugin through your WordPress interface (or download and ftp, it’s all good) and activate. This then gives you an extra menu item under Media Library; “Instant Images”. Clicking on this brings up the interface for Unsplash, where you can search for the photo you want to fit your content. It also allows you to do this in the posting screen as well, which is how I added the image below. There’s plenty of clear instructions in both the above blog post and the plugin details so I won’t go into any more detail, except to say … it rocks!

One probem I did have was that after ‘download’ the re-sizing icon just kept spinning and spinning. After a bit of research on the WordPress plugin support page I found a suggestion to ftp into the uploads directory, delete the folder “instant-images” then recreate and set permissions to 755. This solved the problem for me.

The image below came from a search for “whippet”.

Inktober Unsplash - Whippets at play

It’s not exactly a secret, but not common knowledge either, that I am the website admin for JR Whippet Rescue. Please do have a look at their site. They have a good online store, with lots of items for gifts or christmas, or just to treat yourself. Also, you can contact them if you can offer a good forever home to a wonderful whippet.

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