Over the last couple of years we’ve been very pleased to have been involved with On Our Radar, a non-profit organisation that helps to give an effective and affordable voice to marginalised and offline communities. The Radar print design brief is an ongoing process which we return to and update when needed.

In this post, I take a closer look at some of the icons and illustrations that have gone into the various handbooks and tool kits we have worked on with OOR. For a look at the books themselves, please visit the On Our Radar project page.

Vector illustrations and icons

Ninja Beaver On Our Radar - ebola timeline illustration

A timeline illustrating the knock-on effects that ebola has on the population, in particular young girls.

Ninja Beaver - On Our Radar - Map illustration of Sierra Leone

Intro page map of Sierra Leone


Ninja Beaver - On Our Radar Illustration of sitting women in conversation

WOMEN IN CONVERSATION Illustration for the Citizen Reporter Handbook.
A publication designed by On Our Radar for the Human Rights Citizen Journalism for Youth with Disabilities in Sierra Leone Programme


Ninja Beaver - On Our Radar certificate for Star Ghana

Design for a printable certificate awarded for completing the Citizen Rapporteur training on the STAR-Ghana SMS Voices Platform.


Ninja Beaver - On Our Radar - Icons


On Our Radar bitmap illustrations

The following illustrations were inked from reference photos supplied by On Our Radar. Anonymity is essential for the citizen reporters, so we decided to use illustrations rather than photos.  As time was fairly short, most of these were created in the same day, using Clip Studio Paint for the inking, and utilising the patterns and stock ‘materials’ from the application for backgrounds.

Ninja Beaver - On Our Radar - Illustration of women with two children

Ninja Beaver - On Our Radar - Illustration of children

Ninja Beaver - On Our Radar - Illustration of teenager with phone

More can be seen of the handbooks and tool kits on the On Our Radar project page.

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