Todays Inktober was “Scared”.

Given the Creepy Clown craze that seems to be sweeping the UK (because apparently we have to copy the US for that as well) .. I wondered to myself what would scare a clown. Oddly enough, googling it actually helped for a change! Although I did have to wade through a lot of creepy clown bullshit.

I found What are clowns afraid of and realised .. damn he’s right. It is a sad mime or Gary Busey. I’ll be honest, Busey probably scares me more than a sad mime, but I can’t argue with his logic. So sad mime it is.

Inktober - Scared

Sketched in Autodesk Sketchbook, inked in Clip Studio Paint EX. Type was added in Photoshop.

Illustrator, Designer, Professional Nerd, Gamer. Slaughterer of deadlines and small scaly things. Voted person most likely to wipe the MMO group, 2016.

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