“Just the facts, Ma’am”

Increasingly, infographics form part of the work we do for clients. These can take a few different formats, but the most common is the long-form web based info and are always rendered as vectors to allow as much flexibility as possible for the client. The graphics in this post are a small selection of items from infos that I’ve done for a venture capital company and a tech start-up.

Ninja Beaver - Chinese Zodiac Infographic Design

Fun Facts

In a data heavy infographic, sometimes a little levity can go a long way. The first two graphics here were a ‘fun fact’ item near the end of a fairly long info. They show the percentage of company founders born in specific Chinese Years (Monkey, Rat, Ox) and their signs of the zodiac.

Nearly twice as many founders were born in the Year of the Rat than any other year, followed by the Year of the Horse.

Signs the Times

The numbers for the majority of both charts were fairly even, but a couple stood out in both cases.

In the zodiac graphic, there are more Aries signed founders, followed by Leo but only one Capricorn. There are no percentage figures in these graphics. They were included as seen here.

These two graphics are taken out of context of a wider section called “Passionate About People” which details various data about founders.

Ninja Beaver - Zodiac Infographic Design
Ninja Beaver Infographic - Megaphone

Telling Stories

Many infographics need to tell a story, and that tale is not always driven by numerical data. It may be a timeline / history, a direct comparison of trends or a brand history. An infographic can have a structure not entirely unlike a book; blocks of data instead of chapters, a summary, illustrative images and even footnotes.

When I start work on an info, I usually have raw data from the client. I take this data and break it down into logically ordered blocks. Where one data set leads to another, this is reflected in the structural order. At this stage it will be concept drawings, not full vectors.

Ninja Beaver Infographic - Megaphone Down

Theming the Infographic

In some cases, I have produced infographics that are themed in a way that may be unexpected. One example is an investment bank info that was styled around 8 bit computer game graphics, some of which you can see in another post , minus the data which I have removed for privacy reasons. Another one  was styled loosely around the London Underground map, a design classic.  The latter’s style was inspired by the title “Create a Change Platform”.

Ultimately, ‘Content is King’.

Ninja Beaver Infographic Stems

Monthly Report Infographics

The following infos were an ongoing project to provide an internal monthly report in the form of a multi-page PDF. Data figures have been removed for privacy reasons

Ninja Beaver Monthly Report Infographic 1
Ninja Beaver Monthly Report Infographic 2
Ninja Beaver Monthly Report Infographic 3
Ninja Beaver - Infographic Design - Seed Runway

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