It’s December! That means it’s Top Whatever and wall-to-wall list shows on television, digital and print media. Not wanting to be left out and believing that my views are just as important as anyone on the Internet, here’s my best of the comics world in 2011.

All the selected are graphic novels, whether collected or standalone. There is no point in giving an award to a single issue comic, that’s like going for a three-course meal and eating only the starter.

Best 10 of the Year 2011 (in no order of preference)

Bakuman: Tsugumi Ohba/Takeshi Obata (Weekly Sh┼Źnen Jump/Viz)

I Zombie: Chris Roberson/Mike Allred (DC Vertigo)

Mickey Mouse Vol.1 Death Valley: Floyd Gottfredson (Disney/Fantagraphics)

Paying For It: Chester Brown (Drawn & Quarterly)

Scarlet: Brian Bendis/Alex Maleev (Icon Comics)

Girl Genius Vol 10: Phil & Kaja Foglio (Studio Foglio)

Ozma of Oz: Frank L.Baum/Eric Shanower/Skottie Young (Marvel Classics)

Parker: Martini Edition: Richard Stark/Darwyn Cooke (IDW Publishing)

Milk & Cheese: Diary Products Gone Bad!: Evan Dorkin (Dark Horse Comics)

New Teen Titans: Games: Marv Wolfman/George Perez (DC Comics)

Best Reprint

Prince Valiant Vol 4: Hal Foster (Fantagraphics)

We3 Deluxe: Grant Morrison/Frank Quitley (DC Vertigo)

Starstruck Deluxe Edition: Elaine Lee/Michael Wm. Kaluta (IDW Publishing)

Kamandi: Last Boy on Earth: Jack Kirby (DC Comics)

Male Call: Milton Caniff (Hermes Press)

Best Art Book

Caniff: Milton Caniff/Dean Mullaney (IDW Publishing)

Most enjoyably over-the-top writing and art

The Metabarons Limited Edition: Alejandro Jodorowsky/Juan Gimenez (Humanoids)

Best Continuing

Gold Digger: Fred Perry (Antarctic Press)

Most consistently funny

Knights of the Dinner Table: Jolly R.Blackburn (Kenzer)

Most Disappointing

Ex Machina Deluxe Vol 5: Brian K. Vaughan/Tony Harris (DC/Wildstorm). You call that an ending?

Flashpoint: Geoff Johns/Andy Kubert (DC Comics). An excuse for DC to circumvent various lawsuits.

Echo: The Complete Edition: Terry Moore (Abstract Studio). You call THAT an ending?!

Weapons of the Metabarons: Alexandro Jodorowsky/Travis Charest (Humanoids). It took Charest HOW long for a few pages?

FreakAngels Vol 6: Warren Ellis/Paul Duffield (Avatar). Really dude, you have to get over this British sci-fi fetish.

Walking Dead Vol 7: Robert Kirkman/Charlie Adlard (Image Comics). Can we just get on with it now?

Best Writer

Matt Fraction for The Invincible Iron Man and The Mighty Thor (Marvel)

Best Artist

Darwyn Cooke for Parker (IDW Publishing)

Grumpy Old Gits of the Year

One of these is a misogynistic tract detailing what has gone wrong in today’s society and the other is a racist tract detailing what has gone wrong in today’s society. Can you tell which is which?

LOEG:Century 1969 Alan Moore/Kevin O’Neill (Top Shelf Productions)

Holy Terror: Frank Miller (Legend)

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