Ninja Beaver Tai Chi

Coming Soon!
Yes, you read that right. We’ve actually been working to get more content into the Cafe Press store. Very soon we’ll be offering even more Ninja Beaver branded products with more variation than before and featuring other characters that have featured briefly here in the past, first up will be Toki, the Samurai Bunny and the Phantom Bantam.

Here’s a couple of sketches I knocked up this afternoon which I’ll be rendering in Illustrator, in prep for the store:

Toki the Samurai Bunny sketches

Toki the Samurai Bunny sketches in Sketchbook Pro

Toki the Samurai Bunny

Close to final look for Toki

You can visit the store here: Ninja Beaver Store , but it’s still pretty much in a state of flux until we get all the new content in. At the moment, it still only has a limited range of designs and products but there are lots more to come!

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