It’s been a couple of weeks now since we took possession of the keys to our new flat, and despite a couple of hiccups involving a somewhat narrow staircase we’re settling in ok.

There were a couple of casualties; the sofa and the wardrobe flatly refused to go up the interior stairs. A bit of a surprise, seeing as the wardrobe was a slimline one and the sofa, a two seater. Luckily, the parents have been most accomodating and my mother looked on it not so much as losing floor space but gaining some furniture… on my last visit though the sofa had been banished to the garage, poor thing. At this juncture I would like to thank Tiger Louie from the forum for her invaluable linkage to intosofa, and we are awaiting our new self-assembly sofa with baited breath. Not least because I think we’re both getting a bit fed up with eating at our desks!

We’ve also finally succumbed to the delights of a large flatscreen HDTV. We were sat there on the floor at the old flat after humping crap about for three days and the prospect of attempting to get our old 32″ CRT TV up these stairs was going to be the proverbial last straw. So I threw caution to the wind and ordered a new TV. Wehey!

Someone else got to hump that up the stairs.

In other news, as anyone who reads my Twitter feed will know I accidentally fed my trusty Macbook a bottle of Evian a few weeks ago. I have to say that Lloyds TSB contents insurance were insanely quick at sorting it all out, in fact if I hadn’t missed a voicemail from them when the claim first went in I could have been up and running within a week.

Having an Apple can be a curse at times though. The ‘Genius Bar’ point blank refused to tell my insurance company that the Macbook was “beyond economical repair” as “we can fix it no matter what’s wrong”. Erm… yeh but you guys have heard of depreciation right? I have a new for old policy and that laptop was four years old. The amount of money it would have cost to repair was way above any potential resale value. Apparently, Apple products don’t depreciate in value. Of course they wouldn’t go as far as to say that, but neither were they going to tell the insurance providers that the Macbook was “beyond economical repair”,which is their term for “it’s buggered, get a new one”.

Eventually, after a short and reasoned conversation with a most pleasant young man at Evander we established that it was buggered beyond worth and they duly agreed to send me a voucher for the retail value of the model I had inadvertently watered. He did tell me that they could only send me a voucher for their ‘preferred suppliers’ which was fine by me, as I prefer not to buy Apple products from the Apple store so I can avoid being patronised to death by someone who assumes I’ve never touched a pooter in my life. I am perfectly capable of stripping my own PC thenkyewverramuch I don’t need a crash course in hitting the On Button.

So I am now the proud owner of a shiny New 13″ Macbook Pro, and yes the very first thing I did was take the back off and swap the Hard Drive over for the one in my old Macbook; caddy the new HDD and turn that into a portable backup drive. Woo and thrice, yay.

Macbook Pro

I must say, despite my intense dislike of Apple’s control freakery, the utter up-its-own-arseness of the Apple Store and the Genius Bar…. I love this Mac. It’s a thing of beauty and is far, far superior to my old one. The keys feel better (and are backlit, always a plus) the unibody is much lighter and (I hope) will not fall victim to the horrible staining that my 1st Gen Macbook suffered from. I got iLife ’09, as it was a new OS. Hilariously I now have Tiger, Leopard and two copies of Snow Leopard.


Hmmmm…. maybe!

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