This last few weeks have seen a couple of new Android apps to carry our artwork, both from Bluetrail.

First was Splaterz – Splaterz is a do-it-yourself layer for the Layar Reality Browser. You can add your own points of interest (Splats) via a web browser, your mobile twitter client or the Android client. Ninja Beaver created the ‘splat’ logo icon which is carried through into the layer when used within Layar.

Splaterz on Layar

Splaterz on Layar

We also crafted the CSS for the Splaterz application web portal.

Alongside that, there is also a new app for Android called VIP Call. VIP Call will try and turn the ringer volume up when one of your VIPs call. Just in case they hang up before VIP Call detects the call a ringer tone will be played too. To make it easy to turn “VIP Call” off and on please add the widget to to you dashboard.

Ninja Beaver Studios created the portly gent above, who features both as the application icon and as a widget to enable easy use.

VIP Call programme icon & widget

Images courtesy of Bluetrail

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