Mmm insects…

I’m in the process of trying to capture video from my desktop while sketching, so hopefully I’ll be able to start posting these soon. I figured if I speed it up to 300% people might not die of boredom watching. In the meantime, I’ve set up a YouTube channel in readiness. There’s nothing much to look at just yet though.


Druid, rendered in Sketchbook Pro

The above was a sketch I was noodling around with in Sketchbook Pro, working out the look ‘n’ feel for a druid. So far I’m leaning towards Meso America.. not literally mind, the angle would be hard to draw from. We still don’t have a firm plan or platform for Exotopia, but we’re workin’ on it. Mobile apps are one way to go, and with the slew of Android handsets due to come out towards the 3/4th quarters this year that’s always an option, we’ve not jumped on the iPhone 3.0 bandwagon just yet.

Other than that, things are swinging along nicely. I’m coming to the end of one major project and just starting another, and we have some web-based stuff coming up in the next few weeks that’ll be groovy to do – more on that in time.

I did have a youtube vid embedded here, but erm.. it broke the blog in IE 8. That’s not an auspicious start. 🙁

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