I hate summer, anyone who knows me, knows this is true. I loathe almost all insects apart from beetles, butterflies and… oh ok I’ll admit it, I have spider fear. Also earwig fear, and I’m not too keen on flies either. On hot nights I can’t sleep, as the closer I get to sleep the more I am convinced that anything and everything with more than four limbs is going to crawl all over me while I am unconscious. This makes me itch, and once I itch I cannot sleep.

So why we’re working on a concept that is based entirely around insects is beyond me, I’m not generally given to being cathartic. Bloody-minded, awkward, stubborn and contrary, yes. Cathartic, no.


Locii, rendered in Sketchbook Pro

I was going to write a, somewhat belated, review of Autodesk Sketchbook 2010. But now I sit here I realise I should cap screens of the various (and wondrous) new features. Some of which I have been clamouring for, for years. I was lucky enough to be in the beta test cycle, and am proud to say that one of my suggestions made it in. Though I do not claim to be responsible for that, it may have come from someone else. I have been often outfoxed by the ‘delete custom brush’ icon being right next to the custom brush icon. But there was no ‘idiot box’ to ask me if I *really* wanted to delete that brush when I erroneously clicked delete instead of my brush… and *poof* just like that it was gone.

It no longer does that. It politely assumes I am a ham-fisted fool who couldn’t hit a barn door with a tractor and gently asks me if I *really* want to delete this brush. So instead of the yowl of frustration and minor tantrums that usually follow the winking out of existence of my lovingly crafted custom brush, I push the “christ no, don’t do that” button and carry on my merry way.

I love you Autodesk, and I promise I really will write a proper review of this software soon.

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