Nerd Alert

I have become somewhat intrigued by and more than a little addicted to ‘micro-blogging’. Addicted may be a little strong though as I don’t post that much, but I do tend to have Twitter open almost all the time. Why? I find it rather handy as a RSS of interesting people, and also to keep tabs on podcasts that I subscribe to etc. Sure iTunes updates, I know that. But sometimes I want to watch them live.

I can be found on Twitter at and also I’ve just started a new tumblr page. Quite what I plan to do with that, I’m not sure but as I intend to try and attempt world NinjaBeaver domination in the near future this may help with my nefarious plans.

At least I don’t spam-whore myself in an inappropriate manner all over other people’s web space. Just my own.

As a quick note, if anyone has emailed me recently about Guild Wars or other game commissions, I’m afraid this is on hiatus for the foreseeable future as I am just too bogged down with real-life work to be using any of my spare time working for virtual cash. The fact is, I have no real spare time… which, in these troubled times (drink!), is something to be glad of.

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