Ahh.. it’s been so long. Well, not since the last time, but it’s been a while since I have felt motivated enough to tinker with the site and finally remember to re-link to the Cafe Press store. It’s about time I took this line of income seriously, as I am now working for myself and hopefully within the coming months will be expanding NinjaBeaver.net to be more of a commercial going concern, rather than a bunch of out-of-date art and the odd whinge.

Random Characters

Random Characters

So what’s new? Well not much on the store.. yet. I am going to be adding some more images to it to get a more varied set of wares in the near future, which should definitely include more beaverage. It’s getting a bit old now, that pose. One thing that I am also considering is unique deals, in as much as if you can find an image that already exists on this site, that is not under someone else’s copyright I will upload and create a one-off item for you. This may take a little co-ordination, and there probably isn’t a huge amount on here that would qualify, but it’s an idea. Here’s some random stuff I threw together…

So what else? Well iTunes, as much as I love you I’m gonna have to say you suck at organising music. I decided to actually put some music (oh the horreur!) on my iPod Touch last weekend to keep me sane on a long rail trip, which meant using iTunes on my Macbook. Ugh, seriously… do you have to bury everything in stupidly named folders all the time?

I have a cold again, I can’t quite believe I have one so soon after having the flu at the end of last year, but I’m blaming my mum for this one (thanks mum!). I’m trying to drag my parents into the 21st Century, and somewhat foolishly promised my Macbook to my dad after deciding to get a new Macbook Pro, then realised I can’t quite afford it just yet. I did suggest a netbook on a mobile deal, but after enduring the complete technology blackspot that is their house, I thought better. My mobile didn’t work, no 3G.. I had to go a whole 24 hrs+ with no access to BBC News or Twitter, it was scary… so I’ve recommended landline-based broadband. Now I just need to buy a Macbook Pro….

Things are still pretty frantic, and if anyone is here because their wondering where the frak I am, and why I’m not doing ingame Guild Wars commissions right now.. it’s because quite simply I have way too much on my plate, and RL work has to come first. That’s just how it is. So if I haven’t been around, I apologise, but there’s not much I can do about it.

Ach, there’s a tonne of things I want to rant about, but I can’t be bothered now.
Hope life is treating everyone well. More soon, hopefully.

ps. Is it just me or does the image insertion in WP absolutely suck now? I can’t get it to obey my CSS rules, or center unless I write all the code out by hand, instead of using the ‘add media’ feature.

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