..this morning.

Twitter is down, the forums are down. I feel like my hands have been cut off dammit.

I got a text from Christine yesterday to tell me that the hosts are switching servers, so I’m guessing it should be back up and running soonish, though I’m not sure why it wants to download a file when I try to go there.

I feel like all my days are mooshing into one, it’s kinda scary.

However, Evan Dorkin’s rant of biblical proportions (via Brian M Bendis’ Twitter feed), gave me a warm fuzzy feeling last night. It is indeed a masterpiece, go read.

Huh, go away pesky rich text editior, who are you and what have you done with my quick tags?

Update: It seems it has something to do with a mime type. I’m assuming they don’t mean the sort of mime that stands around mutely harrassing you in tourist spots. Twitter seems flakey today, but if I say something on there it should filter through to this blog.

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