..to go, yup.. we’re going to be staying up all night tomorrow to watch the election pan out. No doubt I’ll be screeching on Twitter at regular intervals. Damn that site is addictive. I’ve been following the MarsPhoenix feed, and it’s coming to an end now as it gracefully freezes in the Martian winter, so if you fancy a crack at writing it’s epitaph, you can always give that a go. Marsphoenix also won three Twitties recently; the Best Use of Twitter for Breaking News made my day light up, not sure what that says about how much excitement I get on a regular basis.

Anyway, not much news from me. I went to the CreativeLive Expo recently, which was pretty dry. Sadly I didn’t realise there was a comics expo on in the smoke at the same time, so we missed that. I did get a chance to harangue a Wacom demonstrator about the problems with the latest Nvidia drivers and my Cintiq, and get a look at CS4, which is looking pretty damn sexy. I’ve also been working on a few things here and there that I cant talk about as per usual. Well, when I say “few” that’s understating it a little.. I always thought freelancing would be dicey because I wouldn’t find enough work, and now I find I have the opposite problem – more work than I have time.

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