So Air Sharing is free to download from the Appstore for two weeks. This app should enable you to do file transfers via wifi from an iphone or iPod Touch to a Mac or PC. Apart from the fact that I could not get it to work on the Macbook, I realised that my PC is connected to the router via ethernet. So that was that idea moosed. On a related note, since I installed Leopard on my Macbook, I have not been able to connect properly to our home network workgroup at all. It seems to be a common ‘bug’ and I can find no reason for the workgroup PCs not showing up. WINS is all correct, addresses blah blah. I can surf the net with no issues and I can see the router.

So I tried to find something else, and I found DiskAid. This programme allows you to use the iPhone or iTouch as a mass storage device. There’s no fanning about installing plugins, trials that you have to reinstall every thirty days; just a nice simple app that works gloriously well and has a Mac and a PC version. Just slap the iTouch in to the Mac/PC with the USB, open up DiskAid, it finds your device in seconds and you’re in. That’s it. Fantastic app.

Though all this crap would have been avoided had Apple been sensible and allowed you to use it as a mass storage device that’s not useless outside iTunes.

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