Horrible day. Having been rather happy with Vista I struggled to get the one app I really needed to use today to work… I managed it eventually, but it took most of the day to track it down. So the amount of cash I saved on buying it from Overclockers got sort of swallowed up by a day of lost revenue, can’t win ’em all I guess. Now I have found the issue, I am still very pleased with Vista Ultimate 64 thus far, and the 4 gig of ludicrously red LED infested memory I’ve now got stashed in my machine. It’s like a frigging disco in here when I’ve got a lot running at once…

Also, for anyone having the same problems as me with calibrating the Cintiq 12wx. Vista rather funkily installed the ICC colour profile for the Dell. Once I had that I re-calibrated the Cintiq using Nvidias control panel colour settings and bingo… almost a perfect match. The Dell has a very slight yellow cast, but what I’m doing (with Photoshop at least) is painting on the Cintiq with all pallettes open on the big screen, then I can have the navigator pallette at a nice big size to colour match while I work. Not a bad solution in the end.

Just for the sake of posting some art, here’s a front image from a batch of story boards I did some oooh… well over 18 months ago now. If you can’t tell what it is I have failed. No change there. 😉

Because we all aspire to be gorgeous, amirite?

Because we all aspire to be gorgeous, amirite?

In other news, as part of my plan for world domination I have joined the ranks of registered iPhone / iTouch application developers. Me and the hubster have some funky ideas that we’d rather like to earn some money off. Could be fun! Could be a complete waste of time, but I’m willing to give it a try.. after all I am supposed to be running my own business here….

Oh, is it just me.. or is Firefox 3 a bit crap? This is the second time I’ve had the issue where whenever I click on an image to see the original it tells me the image is corrupt. Can’t for the life of me remember what I did to fix it last time though.

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