Like my pumpkins?

I’m going to have to face facts and admit I’ll never finish this. I started it to try and get back into the swing of Illustration Friday again, but work got on top of me and well.. usual story. The subject was, of course “Trick or Treat” so I opted for a bit of a Bettie Page-a-like image. Doesn’t look anything like her really, but you get the point.

In other news, I took a trip to see my parents at the weekend, and saw their litter of puppies (see Flickr). I also had the most horrendous rail trip ever, I think. Well, not quite as bad as the time someone masturbated in front of me and a friend in a closed carriage when I was a teenager, but a close second.

Um yeh that’s it. Oh and I’m 40 in two weeks. Shoot me now.

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