I’m sorry to say that I’ve been forced to temporarily disable the ability to email me through the site.

Somehow, someone has obviously sneaked a script onto the site that is successfully generating spam mails, that are then forwarded to my main email address. This has resulted in my junk mail filter deciding that my own website is sending me junk, and I now have to retrain it again.

If anyone needs to contact me urgently, the best way to get an answer would be to use sarah[dot]how[at]gmail[dot]com. I’m about to go through and check my webspace for malicious scripts and check all my plugins and wordpress install are up to date. Once I’ve done all that I’ll probably bring the contact page back online.


Edit: As you can probably tell I’m currently in the process of replacing the theme, and I’m going to be updating it on the fly and messing around for a few hours. Never fear however, the beaver will return. Only probably not in an animated form. Ditched the flash ? Hell yeh.

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