I just received this charming email through the contact form of the site:

Jim wrote:

Get you f’in pics and your not funny bandwidth comments off google if you are not offering your picture! It’s bad business and a poor way to introduce people to your want to be stay at home job!

Oh hey.. ya know Jim, I’d have written you a perfectly civil reply had you bothered to leave a proper return of address instead of an abusive fake one. What’s up dude? Did you try hotlinking from my site without bothering to ask me first? Ya know, if it was a perfectly amicable and legitimate request I wouldn’t have minded.

Oh and off Google? I just google image searched and it displays thumbnails just fine and links to the relevant gallery, so I can only assume you don’t like my posts on the subject. I doubt I’ll lose any sleep over that, frankly. And I am not “offering my picture” whatever that’s supposed to mean, this is merely a site showing what I do. Not a free for all for anyone to just come along and use without credit something I put my time and effort into.

I rather suspect you’ve never had to deal with the issue of having your bandwidth useage jump threefold and then some thanks to MySpace and Live Journal users who think everything on the net is free for the taking.

I have a job thanks, no need to stay at home.


I’ve given this some thought, and the ever-so-polite Jim has made me aware of one thing. The “Get Your Own Damn bandwidth” image is not the best, it was done in direct response to the large amount of pilfering that was going on and frankly I haven’t given it much more thought since. Other than that it’s nice to know my hotlink protection has started working again. So it’s going to be replaced by the image on the right.

It’s not going to make Mr Pleasant happy, but it’s not intended to. 😉

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