Around here today.

I’m about to upgrade the site to WordPress 2.1 and the latest K2 release. So if there’s any WTFOMG !! aspect to it, just chill and come back later.


Oookay. That’s all done. And bloody painless it was too, and I added some visual frippery. You like? No? Well tough, it’s all about me :p .

Sooo, there’s going to be some new stuff added to the galleries shortly, and a lot more ingame work to be added. Huzzah! See, it’s not that I’ve been idle, just busy.

[yet another edit]

Ok, hopefully you wordpress whizzes out there will be able to answer this one. Why the hell are there less options for managing link categories in 2.1 than there was in 2.0 ? I used to be able to set link categories to show a random selection of links in a given category up to a defined number. Now all I get is the ability to name a category and add a description. Wtf? I don’t want screeds of links down the side of the page, but neither do I want to be forced to delete a ton of them just for the sake of asthetics.

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