I’ve been away. Well away in the sense that the blog has had little or no pull for me of late, and I’ve just been to damned caught up in other stuff to look after it. I feel bad, and it seems a shame that this year has been probably my lamest ‘blogging year’ yet. I’d like to say that it’s going to change, but alas I can’t see that happening before the end of the year. I’d hoped to have a crack a re-skinning the site and doing a new flash entry page, but that didn’t transpire. I also want to lose the flash header as it slows down the galleries something awful… which is not a Good Thing.

Truth be told I’m somewhat tired of the internet and general tech-led communication. I’m pig sick of having to sift through 300+ emails everytime I open Thunderbird. So much so that sometimes I go for days without opening my mail, and when I do I still have to go into the junk box and try and find all the erroneously junked mails in there. It really aggravates me that somewhere some scumbag of a spammer (probably thanks to some sort of harvesting software put out by twisted ‘software’ sellers) is sending bulk spam to countless other addresses using a dummy email using @my domain name. Of course the recipients of these mails have spam bouncers, so what happens is that the mail gets bounced back to my domain, then forwarded on to me. So now… thanks to this, my junk mail filter has decided my own website is a spammer… and all my mail gets junked as well.

So there you are people. If you’re waiting for a response from me and you used the contact form on this site to mail me, it’s highly like you may be in the junk mail box along with other 5,000 emails I haven’t managed to sift through yet. I’m not exaggerating, honest.

So… expect a site overhaul sometime around Christmas when I have some days off. I’m getting really bored with the look of this. K2 is great and has served me well, but I want to go for something a little more Web 2.0 (I’m cringing now, I never thought I’d type that) and a little less load heavy. Just …not….black. I like the images to melt into the page, so there’ll always be a fair bit of white here.

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