Hah… had you there. 😛

Weellll…… my pooter spat it’s dummy again this week. After forking out for a new graphics card, said card managed to blow a gasket while I was watching a GvG in observer mode on Guild Wars earlier. Unfortunately, said blow-out has resulted in the purchase of a new chip and motherboard, I’ve had to stuff the old card back until my (yet another) new one turns up, and on top of that we bought a new power supply earlier this week which is also fragged. Fortunately, my old power supply still works…

*sigh.. never rains but it pours.

I also managed to scorch my Macbook the other week, so am open to tips on that one – I used to leave it closed when charging, and the case that I bought for it has a handy little cloth keyboard cover to stop the keys from marking the screen. Unfortunately due to the somewhat incredible heat this thing kicks out while it’s charging, the top left corner of the cloth seems to have got indelibly scorched onto the plastic.

I’ve tried cif cleaner so far… but I’m very very wary of anything too caustic… 🙁

Dangit. Crappy week and no mistake.

And still no art.

Also – why is so hard to type a coherent and typo-free post using the laptop?

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