Moleskine Sketches

Hey Paper!

I seem to have spent most of this week trying to fix broken things, including my scanner which is why I’ve had to switch to taking digital captures of my Moleskine. In retrospect, this has been a Good ThingTM. The repro on my camera (ouch… I paid a lot more than that for it) is far better than anything my Canoscan can ever manage. It has particular issues with graphite – rendering rather nasty pixellated strokes.

Aside from my hardware issues.. I’ve been tweaking the CSS on the site to try and rescue some of the stuff that went awry after I uploaded the latest version of K2. I wonder sometimes, and would appreciate some feedback from seasoned CSS fiddlers here, if there’s a good standard route to learning CSS and how to code from scratch without relying too much on googling every five minutes. A good book recommendation would be cool, I can order from the US if necessary (and under the customs limit). I generally use Adobe GoLive to create sites, but 9 times out of 10 I invariably end up editing everything in source view, and GoLive has a really annoying habit of pissing around with your positioning. If I change something from absolute positioned to relative, and adjust the pixel positioning to compensate, as soon as I hit ‘preview’ golive whacks those previous pixel values straight back in again. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I use the CSS editor, source view or the Inspector palette. Generally, I have to start the page from scratch all over again with relative positioning to begin with. Very. Bloody. Annoying. The live renderer is in a css world all of it’s own as well. Bah.

Hardly surprising that GoLive is being canned really. I suppose I’ll have to get Dreamweaver now. Or beef up the memory on my Macbook and use NVU and Mamp. Both of which I have installed, but you can never have enough memory, right? Well.. you can’t actually fit more than 2gig in a Macbook anyway..

Moleskine Sketches 2

…a bit messy

Anyway, apart from that. Pretty busy here in Legoland. We had a ‘teambuilding day’ last week. Which I think I shall refrain from commenting on, except I don’t care if I never see another plank of wood in my life… ever again. This sketch started while I was waiting for a cab on Friday. I’m attempting to force myself to draw with a pencil more (hell just drawing full stop) by taking an A6 moleskine pad with me everywhere. It fits nicely into the side flap of my bag, and certainly weighs a darn sight less than a laptop!

Sketching standing up by the side of the road is pretty interesting. Can’t say I’d recommend it though. Made my hands hurt..

I still can’t decide whether this font is too large now. All the text seems to be merging together in front of me. I like the tidiness of justified text though. Aaaaargh… [edit] Gone back to 11px. Much better. I don’t trust EM sizes to render accurately in all browsers, and frankly, if your monitor is set to anything over 1600 x 1200 you will go blind.

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