Ya know.. I think this is the longest I’ve been absent since I started blogging in late 2003…


Believe it or not this sketch is the only thing I have as well. Yup… since before I got the Macbook I haven’t managed to put pen to tablet / sketchbook or anything else for that matter. So what have I been doing? Well not that much really, it’s just that a lot of stuff has been getting in the way and I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking. Too much probably..

So apologies to anyone who has left comments that have been left unanswered, ditto emails. Normal service may be resumed in a week or two, I hope. I guess I always feel that as I have nothing spectacularly interesting to say, unless I have artwork to post there doesn’t seem much point!

Anyhoo. K2 0.9 is out, and I haven’t upgraded since r167. So I’m going to try and implement it over the weekend at some point. But I suspect it’s going to take me a while to hack back in all the changes I made. *sigh.

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