So I sit here thinking.. dammitall I haven’t posted any art properly for ages now, and guess what? I have nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. So I’m gonna do a little bit of self indulgent retro-posting.


The above is, I discovered on looking at the file creation date.. actually two and a half years old. And to be honest, I think it shows. It’s a teaser ‘flyer’ for a graphic novel that I’m collaborating on with friends in the US. Trouble is, all of us have pretty punishing work schedules, and as may be evident from the oh-so-long-ago creation date.. progress has been slow.

Houdini Detail

I did think twice about posting it, as it’s all been a bit hush hush for what seems like forever, but seeing as my friend has it featured on his site I’m thinking it’s fair game now. No, I’m not saying what it is.. or if it’s even staying like that. Heck I’m not sure I even draw like that anymore. It was interesting going back to it though, it made me realise that it was quite badly under saturated.. so there’s been a bit of level tweaking in photoshop. It’s all digital, including the inking, another thing about it that makes me cringe a little now. ah well… Below are a few more images from the same ‘project. Some rejects, some just doodles…it does make me realise how much I’m missing drawing right now. *sigh….

Houdini Panel

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