…now the green has gone.

For a while now I’ve harboured the suspicion that my ‘bargain’ 21 inch Sony Trinitron CRT monitor I bought off eBay has not had quite the right colour balance, yet trying to compare it with the 17 inch tft next to it is by and large a pointless exercise, as I don’t believe that shows colour or contrast correctly either. I’ve always suspected that it had something of a green cast to it, and had the green bias turned down quite a bit in comparison to the red and blue.

However last night I think I finally nailed it. Having decided that that background colour for the site should be grey, hex #333 to be precise, I re-skinned it and proudly presented it to Darcy, who in his inimitable way, managed to point something out straight away.

“I like the olive green background”

“Uhhm… it’s supposed to be grey”

“It isn’t”

And he was right. So the green bias has been lowered right down to practically nothing, and whaddya know… the greys match on the tft and the crt. Also, a lot of the work looks much better as a result. Cheers Darcy!For the record, I don’t do olive green… 😐

I’m starting my ‘mac fund’ soon, and am dithering between saving up for an iMac, a MacBook Pro or the rumoured intel dualcore powered G5 PowerPC replacement allegedly coming towards the end of this year.

Bootcamp icon

One thing I do know, I can’t bloody afford any of them at the moment, but Darcy needs a new system (which usually means I get a new one and he inherits mine) so something’s going to have to give soon. I’d like to get a laptop, but that’s probably not going to be an option for replacing my system here so I guess I’m shooting for a tower system (expensive). The fact is the one single most significant thing that’s making me consider getting a mac is Boot Camp.

My largest single reason (excuse!) for wanting a Macbook Pro was that I wanted to be able to check my html and other stuff for cross compatibility with other browsers / formats. But Boot Camp has kinda removed that excuse, and given me a whole new one: why on earth would I not want a mac now that I can easily dual boot either OS?


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