Brooklyn Bridge

Well we made it, and we’ve been back over a week. But everything seems to have gone a bit Pete Tong since we landed back over here, so I haven’t the energy or inclination to post any entires. I had the flu the day we flew out, and D had it a few days before, ho ho.. and I’m guessing the air pressure had something to do with the mammoth nosebleed I had after we touched down in JFK.

On the upside, I have my new toy, a Panasonic Lumix DMC Z7. Which is loverly.

…aaaaand I’m spent. I thought I better say something as I haven’t blogged in so long all the entries have closed comments. D’oh!

Oh, and if the page is broken. Fear not! It’s only

Annual CSS Naked Day! Normal service will be resumed as soon as the day is up.

Props to Shad, who I pinched the link from. 🙂

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