RF Online
Oh dear. Darcy bought me RF Online today, so after I eventually managed to get into the game (seems they’ve had some registration issues), I thought.. “okay, might as well wibble around for ten minutes then I’ll get on with some work”

That was two hours ago. Ulp.

I’ve never played any online games before, and I’ve not used the chat box or anything as I’m a n00b. Shall have to see how it goes for the next month before I decide whether or not to keep the subscription up. Me and Darcy would really like to play at the same time, but I suspect that’s not going to happen on one account, and we’re not paying twenty quid a month!

That’s me up there btw, online name is Saraphim, the same as my flickr account. Is it just me or does that guy behind me look a lot like the Radish God from Spirited Away?

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