I’ve just finished sprucing up the site in the time honoured fashion of ‘trying to squeeze it in when I should be doing something else’.

Sketches of women

Biro on paper. I know, right?

So instead of polluting the front page with this, here’s a crappy doodle.

I’ve jettisoned Gallery and WPG2. Yes, It meant I had to assemble all the galleries over 6 wordpress pages – but I used Easy Thumbnails to create the bulk of the tedious bits, and once I had one page it all got a lot easier from there. The galleries are now pure wordpress driven, in fact apart from the home page the whole site is now diven by wordpress. So I’m a happy bunny, just two more databases to eradicate from the server and I’ll be a veh happy bunny indeed.

The galleries are now sing the WP Lightbox.js plugin, which I’ve tested in MSIE 6, Firefox 1.5.1 and Opera 8.51, and a friend has been gracious enough to give it a test drive on her iMac. So it should all be working, though I notice you have to wait for the thumbnails to load before it’ll work proper-like. Also, if you’ve been here before (hey it happens sometimes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) you may find you get a 404 when using the flash nav. Just do a force refresh and that should sort it out. It’ll be a caching issue.

Right, back to work then. No peace for the wicked skint.

Oh and I updated to WordPress 2.01, and nothing broke. Yay.

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