Tonight, after an afternoon spent guzzling lager and trying to answer the most annoying quiz questions ever created (only two film related and neither of them were one’s I’d seen!) I sat down with the hubster to enjoy a nice quiet evening watching Ishiro Honda’s Gojira (Godzilla). This dvd is the bfi edition released about a week ago, in a nice box with a postcard, leaflet but most importantly – the original Japanese version of the film, minus the Raymond Burr inserts.

It really is a mighty fine piece of cinema history, and while the man in a rubber suit isn’t exactly convincing, the cinematography in the character scenes is quite stunning. High contrast lighting, really crisp black and white photography.. that does get somewhat spoilt by the ‘special effects’. Not that I’m knocking that either, hell one of my all time favourite films if the original King Kong. Gojira is of it’s time, and damned impressive.

Trouble is, both my other half and I fell asleep not long after the big G started trashing Tokyo. Occasionally waking up startled by the odd roar and ensuing radioactive belch.

The film woke us up a couple of times as well. 😉

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