Spotted this meme on and thought ‘hey why not? it might even throw up something accurate. 😉

So after having to trawl through three pages of other Sarah’s blogs with their own Sarah Needs’ posts. I managed to scrape a list together. The idea is to type your first name followed by needs, with both words in quotes “Sarah needs” into Google. Then make a list of the first ten sentences that contain that term..


Sarah Needs A Cold Shower

Really? I think someone else would probably disagree on that point. Plus.. have you felt the average temperature right now?

Sarah needs a livejournal!

I really don’t.

Sarah needs to address her overdrafts

Okay, there is some truth in this one.

Sarah Needs Help

No comment !

Sarah needs to get her life back & establish herself as a person in charge!

Woo yeh ! Life affirming stuff. My God ! Do you think Google really can read minds??

Sarah needs to be hooked up to a respirator in order to survive

The rest of this sentence should read “the frequent bouts of hyperventilating anger at the tv and it’s neverending trail of celebrity crap and reality/humiliation programming.”

Sarah Needs to Vent

Oh.. bugger……NURSE!

Sarah needs to review with Judy the recommended follow-up tests

A good dose of quality podcasts should do the trick. As soon as I can breathe again..

Sarah needs to grow up

Oh come now, it’s only a meme.. what harm can it do? Apart from clutter up the intenet for the next few weeks.

Sarah needs a root canal


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