Bad Blogging

Split Ends, girl with knife

It seems incredible to me how much I used to blog compared to how much I do now – virtually zero. Why? I guess because I felt that this was increasingly the wrong place to post personal stuff, and most of the artwork I do always seems to be under NDA. I’m hoping to recitfy […]

Whoops, email again!

Daily Doodle image

We seem to have encountered a week-long email blackout, which has now been resolved. I could bore you all with tales of domain management and MX records, but all t really boils down to is we haven’t been able to pick up mail for about a week, and any mail that was sent or received […]

Well, that’s embarrassing..


It looks like our website email has not been working since we had to reformat the server. To anyone that has emailed us and not received a reply, our apologies. We are going through the emails and will be responding as soon as possible. *UPDATE* We now have the email working again. And we now […]

Books of the Year 2013


December 2013 and it’s been a pretty weird year. So, just three things. One: Superman can, does and has killed (Man of Steel). Two: It was a real thrill to see a nude of my wife in an artbook and Three: It was an even bigger thrill to see her artwork for Total Recoil on […]

It’s Alive!

Rug Fight image

*tumbleweed* In case you didn’t notice, the website has been down for almost two weeks. I’m rather pleased to say that it’s back up and running again. Hurrah! Some things are still not quite right, but we’re getting there. I have noticed I missed a line on the SSL cert generation, so browsers may start […]