Wrestling with SVG in ePub for Kindle KF8 Part Two

SVG in ePub Featured image

The previous blog “Wrestling with SVG in ePub for Kindle KF8” detailed our attempt to make SVG images work well within the Kindle range from Amazon. The main reason for doing so was a project from a client that used a lot of math formulas and data in the main text and tables. One of… [Continue reading]

Taking it back to Sketchbook Pro

Draggies Featured

I can’t help myself, I’m afraid. I always end up going back to Sketchbook Pro. Of the few characters I mocked out in the previous post, the one that caught my eye was the simple cute one at the front; although the mad looking fella with teeth is also worth a further work-up. Hopefully I’ll… [Continue reading]

Making (with) Mischief

Mischief Logo

Some time ago I was curious about Mischief; a drawing/painting app with an ‘infinite canvas’. I wasn’t too sure about it, so I never went very far into it in the trial version and let it die when I reformatted my machine. Over the weekend, I decided to take another look at it – I’m… [Continue reading]

Wrestling with SVG in ePub for Kindle KF8

SVG logo - White on Orange

Update I’ve updated the title to correct my use of “mobi”. Lewis is the epub expert, and I assumed that the file we were previewing in Kindlegen Previewer for “Kindle Voyage” was a mobi. It was not! Apologies for the schoolgirl error. This week, I have had a monumental struggle to get SVG images, created… [Continue reading]

The Ultimate Spam Comment?

Spam on Wood

I just found a comment (posted below) in the moderation queue of a site I manage. I find it quite fascinating that it appears to have dumped every possible variation of this particular spammer’s script into the comment. Whether it was intended or not, I have no idea… { {I have|I’ve} been {surfing|browsing} online more than… [Continue reading]

Investment Company Infographic

Vector illustration of trees, offices and underground

This project was undertaken for AlphaPunk and comissioned by an investment company. The brief was for one infographic, tailored to different media. Primarily a web-based infographic, it was also re-structured to fit on printed media; including for an A4 flyer and exhibition roller banner. The approach was to create an infographic that was centered around… [Continue reading]