Wrestling with SVG in ePub for Kindle KF8

SVG logo - White on Orange

Update I’ve updated the title to correct my use of “mobi”. Lewis is the epub expert, and I assumed that the file we were previewing in Kindlegen Previewer for “Kindle Voyage” was a mobi. It was not! Apologies for the schoolgirl error. This week, I have had a monumental struggle to get SVG images, created… [Continue reading]

The Ultimate Spam Comment?

Spam on Wood

I just found a comment (posted below) in the moderation queue of a site I manage. I find it quite fascinating that it appears to have dumped every possible variation of this particular spammer’s script into the comment. Whether it was intended or not, I have no idea… { {I have|I’ve} been {surfing|browsing} online more than… [Continue reading]

Investment Company Infographic

Vector illustration of trees, offices and underground

This project was undertaken for AlphaPunk and comissioned by an investment company. The brief was for one infographic, tailored to different media. Primarily a web-based infographic, it was also re-structured to fit on printed media; including for an A4 flyer and exhibition roller banner. The approach was to create an infographic that was centered around… [Continue reading]

In-depth Telco Look & Feel Refresh

Look and feel brand refresh image

A lengthy and involved undertaking for AlphaPunk, this was an in-depth project for an established Telecomms company. Encompassing infographics, website and documentation graphics. The central theme was that of a ‘comic-book’ approach, most heavily obvious in the motion comics; restricted palette videos created by AlphaPunk in a comic book style using graphics supplied by Ninja… [Continue reading]

Books of the Year 2014

Books of the Year 2014 image

Another year, another set of wish fulfilment dreams down the drain. Still, Guardians of the Galaxy was great as were X-Men: Days of Future Past, Godzilla and Captain America: Winter Soldier. Game of Thrones used up most of the fake blood in Hollywood. Arrow, The Flash and Gotham proved there’s life for small screen super-heroics… [Continue reading]